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First full length debut album by TONE.

Preferred to be listened to loud.


released September 7, 2016

Thank you to all who were involved in making this album.

Recorded and Mixed at:

Mastered by:

Artwork: Logo drawn by Preston Bishop. Finalized by Korey Smith.
All other art designed by Korey Smith.



all rights reserved


TONE Greenville, South Carolina

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Track Name: Intro/ Apollyon
Apollyon come up from thy soil.
Drain my veins and will them with pestillence.
Mark this soul with the purest evil.
Distinguish signs of greed mark my body.
No god can save me.
Content with darkness, my true good side.
All my dreams have turned to fucking dust.
Consume my life. Take me away. Burn my soul.
Track Name: Herd Thinner
Lock them up with no one but death.
You know no struggle at all.
I want to watch the life fade from your eyes.
Purge the plague of the sheep into the valley
As the skies to turn to black.
As this earth splits in two.
I'll start peeling your skin back,
just to expose your true self, animal.
Track Name: Manual Restart
I despise this earth. Exterminate all human life.
Flood the world. Bathe in crimson spray.
No time to waste. Flood the world. Manual restart.
It seems as if I've gone mad.
Destroying my own. As they hang within their chains.
I stare at land of a thousand dead men.
I have came to kill and i have conquered all.
Now dangle in your chain and fucking choke.
Bathe in their spray. No time to waste.
It seems as if i have gone mad.
Destroying my own. Exterminate every human being.
Thin them out one by one.
Track Name: Noose Hanger
I cant seem to grasp the thought of your kind.
Burning sorrow into someone through selfish actions.
You're the cause of this hell.
A slap on the wrist sentence shows no justice.
Commit your needs and face the noose.
Your victims hold the rope
as you strangle pleaing for forgiveness.
As your feet dangle reaching for the soil.
Your past is projected in front of you.
You feel the suffering burning your soul.
Your eyes roll back into your head as you're set to flames.
Watching your self desend to hell.
Track Name: Lurker
Give the gift of hell to a unmarked soul.
Scorn the cherished ones.
Burn the flesh of the loved.
I have never truly lived,
and yet i still want to die.
Never live, i just want to die.
Kill me, kill me, take out my heart.
Lost from the start
and I've never been found.
Take my life and take me away.
Track Name: Teeth Ripper
Ripping my teeth out from my jaw
and filling my spine with gas.
Strike the match that will set me to flames.
I am always decending to last place.
My soul is disintegrating. My heart is full of tar.
Track Name: False Light
Why do you think i should be king of this earth?
I've been sworn to filth, no disregard for others.
Lack of self respect. Torn from the spine up.
I am a new man.
Wearing the suit of a believer of false light.
Now my visions set in stone.
Stearing the herd into a sink hole.
Stearing the herd into a sink hole.
You must comsume fire before you gain
knowlege without pain.
Track Name: Dylan Roof
Opressing parasite.
A constant stream of arrogance flows through your core.
Your kind doesn't deserve the air i breathe.
Fall down from your pedestal
and down to the dirt.
Fall down into the dirt into your fucking grave.
Track Name: Plague Viewer/ Outro
As i watch my land perish into flames.
Swarms of flies are exiting my brain.
Blood has been shown for those unholy never endings
is scorched like a skewered pig.
Hung and I'm left to fry as i peel the skin from my neck.
First born dead.
He'll kill your first born just to quench his blood thirst.
Innocent death from a self righteous waste.
If you could seem from my eyes, you would beg to die.